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Omeorganic Smooth And Body Hydrating Hair Mask (250ml)


Omeorganic Smooth And Body Hydrating Hair Mask (250ml)

Omeorganic Reidra Integra---Hydrating Mask – Moisturizing organic mask for thick, dry and dehydrated hair. Contains Olive Oil and Marula Oil. Essential after the use of Hydrating Hair Bath for a synergistic detoxifying action. Rich in active ingredients that moisturize and nourish the hair. Ideal for soothing, balancing and moisturizing. Reconstructs thick, dry and dehydrated hair in depth. Suitable for compacting fibre damaged by harsh chemical treatments. Wheat Protein and Sucrose instantly enhance hair fibre, giving softness, brightness, elasticity and deep hydration for a long-lasting effect.
HOW TO USE. After washing hair with Hydrating Hair Bath, apply a generous amount of Hydrating Mask to hair and scalp using hands. Leave on for 3 to 5 minutes depending on the condition of the hair. When time is up, comb well and rinse thoroughly.
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