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Omeorganic Keratin - Keratin (500ml)


Omeorganic Keratin - Keratin (500ml)

KERATIN RESTRUCTURING AND MOISTURIZING KERATIN 500ml Contains Olive Oil and Oil Marula. Hair with damaged protein structure (cortex) needs to be rebuilt, fibre by fibre, in order to restore body, elasticity and shine. Hydrolysed Keratin binds to the damaged cortex cells, restoring body and strength. Wheat Protein and a Plant Phytocomplex of Glycolic Extracts moisturize the hair giving softness and brightness. In synergy with Soluble Oils, Keratin creates an effective blend suitable for damaged and unstructured hair. HOW TO USE Depending on the amount of hair to reconstruct, prepare a mixture made up of one part Soluble Oils and one part Keratin (e.g. 15 ml + 15 ml). Mix until creamy. On dry hair, take small sections and apply the mixture with a brush. Massage into each lock and leave on for 15 minutes. On slightly unstructured hair, reduce the exposure time to 10 minutes. Use a heat source for better absorption. When time is up, leave to cool for a few minutes, rinse thoroughly and proceed with shampoo and subsequent treatments. SPECIAL INGREDIENTS AND PLUS Olive and Marula Oil.
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