A Fluid to beat the Southern Climate

”Straight System Fluid is one of my favorite products. Especially for those of us in Southern Climates. It’s great for frizzy and/or unruly hair. Just spray on to clean, wet hair and blow dry. The results will be fantastic. Being from Florida, this product has been a life saver for so many of my clients.”

The Straight system fluid protects hair from heat with its anti-frizz and moisture-resistant ingredients. The special formulated fluid can strengthens hair during the straightening process with keratin, vitamin E and jojoba oil. Formaldehyde-free.

Its makes your hair smooth, perfect and keeps it hydrated with a shiny look. The PH level of this is in alkaline and the other ingredients ensures the perfect smoothing of curly and frizzy hair. Straight system fluid is anti frizz and also it resist the moisture and protects the hair from heat as well.

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Barbara Pointe
Licensed Professional Hair Stylist


A shine of perfection

The shine spray of John Amico is tremendously great, it always gives the shine I need and it looks like so damn real. This spray is good for every time I go out and does not matter if its party or going for shopping, it always makes my hair shine of perfection.”

SHINE SPRAY ensures a natural shine for any type of hair. This Shine Spray can be used for any type of style and it does not make hair greasy or wet

To use it,  Spray a small amount on damp hair for easy combing and to reduce flyaways and frizzies. Spray a small amount on dry hair, especially after styling for extra shine and to protect your hair from the sun.

Please be aware that, it’s a Pressurized container. Protect from sunlight and do not expose to temperature exceeding 120˚. Do not puncture or burn, even after use. Not to be used near fire or flame.

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Sally Smith
Licensed Professional Hair Stylist

A superb combination!

”Vitashine is my most favorite product that gives the complete solution to the healthy hair. The Vitashine kit at John Amico is a great combo to buy for only $20 comes with the shampoo, conditioner and the vital mineral oils. The shampoo moisturizes the hair and also protects the hair color and this creates a very rich lather. The kit is overall the best solution you can ever have for healthy hair”. 

1. Vitashine Shampoo – Vitashine Hydrating Shampoo gently cleanses and moisturizes the hair without stripping color. This sulfate-free formula with Anti-Fade Complex delivers a rich lather while infusing hair with essential hydration and color retention.

2. Vitashine Conditioner – Vitashine Hydrating Conditioner reveals soft, lustrous hair while protecting color vibrancy. The Anti-Fade Complex maximizes color retention while supplying moisture to the hair.

3. Biological Minerals and Oils – BIOLOGICAL MINERALS & NATURAL OILS are a unique collection of natural ingredients direct from the Mediterranean Sea, imported from Italy and used by salons worldwide. This five-minute service repairs and conditions hair, replacing lost moisture and locking in color. Within the first two minutes, these nutrient-rich ingredients are deposited into the cortex of the hair. Then, the activation of trace volcanic minerals, such as zinc, copper, magnesium, and manganese close the cuticle tightly, lowering hair to a 2.7 pH level. Therefore, the nutrients are locked in and the hair becomes shiny, healthy and stronger. This is a perfect conditioner especially after a color or chemical treatment.

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Sally Smith
Licensed Professional Hair Stylist


Retain lush and fresh curls

John Amico curl activating foamThis unique combination of conditioners is blended with a booster lotion that gives you maximum curl and support for all your curls. Sea salt cures the cuticle and humectants continually draw moisture into the hair while the hold booster keeps curls lush and fresh. Use John Amico’s Curlalicious Foam and enjoy the curly side of life.

Apply foam on freshly washed, damp hair. Use hands and large toothed comb to tousle and build curls. Curlalicious Foam works best when used in conjunction with John Amico’s Curlagizer Shampoo, Conditioner and Curl Definer. To refresh curls on dry hair, use Curlagizer Leave-in Conditioner to keep your hair looking fresh and curlalicious all day long.

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Sally Smith
Licensed Professional Hair Stylist

A styling foam to give volume

“It does not matter if it’s a late night party, or an event to attend in the morning, Casablanca Styling Foam is always a great foam that gives a long lasting volume to the hair which never lets your hair down. The specially formulated Casablanca Styling Foam also keeps the hair hydrated and also prevents the hair color fading”. 

Casablanca Styling Foam is a unique, ultra light, non-sticky, non-greasy formula, designed to give fullness, texture, and shine, to all hair types without weighing it down. This non-aerosol, environmentally safe hair styling product is effective and versatile. Casablanca Styling Foam with Argan Oil, not only conditions and hydrates your hair but is specially formulated to provide volume and lift to the hair root with a long-lasting hold. It also protects your hair from heat styling while a built-in sunscreen prevents hair color from fading. Casablanca Styling Foam with Argan Oil naturally renews cell structure and consistently seals in shine to dull lifeless hair – producing silky perfection for all hair types. Results are best when used in conjunction with John Amico’s Casablanca Shampoo, Casablanca Conditioner, and Casablanca Oil.


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Sally Smith
Licensed Professional Hair Stylist


My favorite Styling product

”My favorite styling product is the Biocomplex eleven fluid. It works on any hair type, even my fine hair ladies that need frizz control and softness. It isn’t heavy or sticky and smells great! It gives it shine and smoothness with just round brush blow drying. It protects against the heat of blow dryers and irons, conditioning at the same time!”


The bio-complex eleven fluid is enriched with Argan Oil and Keratin, this intensive mask spray solves in a single step the most frequent problems of hair. Multi-functioning and innovative, it has the consistency and properties of a hair mask and the convenience offered by a spray. 11 benefits include: Builds strength and shine, creates body and volume, leaves hair soft and silky, produces the anti-frizz effect, makes detangling a breeze, reconstructs after coloring, treats split ends, produces long-lasting results, helps with hair drying, enhances flat-ironing, protects from UV rays.



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Betty Cruz
Licensed Professional Hair Stylist

A Shampoo that cares the color

By far, my most favorite back bar item is Color Care Shampoo and Color Care Conditioner.
I explain to my clients how important it is to use shampoo and conditioner on their color treated hair, especially here in Florida.
It prevents color from fading when used as a daily shampoo, it gently cleanses your hair and the conditioner has extra moisturizers and gives the maximum conditioning for color permed or relaxed hair.
I highly recommend it.”


Lady J Shampoo is specially designed to care for colored and treated hair. This shampoo protects and enhances the color, leaving it vibrant and shiny over time. It protects hair from the water purifying materials which hamper the hair color fading them and also enriches the hair with vital nutrients.

The use of the Lady J Shampoo is just to gently massage through wet hair, rinse and repeat if needed. For best results follow with Lady J Sensual Conditioner. The ingredients of this shampoo contain pearl extract.

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Jeannie Zenere Cancialosi
Licensed Professional Hair Stylist




A gel that never lets your hair down

John Amico Mica Firm Hold Gel is the ultimate styling gel“Mica Firm Hold Gel
This long-time favorite works with all hair types, creating an intense shine and controlling even problem hair without flaking. It will hold your style where you want it for a long time.”

The one of the most famous product f John Amico, Mica Firm Hold Gel is the ultimate styling gel. It enforces an exceptional hold that allows you to keep your hair exactly how you want to remain. You can use it to create by either dry or wet look while controlling permed hair or natural waves. Mica Gel is blended with botanical extracts to keep hair in a healthy condition.

In order to use the Mica Firm Hold gel, after your shampoo, towel your dry hair. Apply a sufficient amount of Mica Gel and work evenly throughout hair. You may Set or style in your own style. Do not rinse. Drying under hairdryer, lamps or air-drying produces a non-oily wet look; for full fluffy styles just brush through and get the look you have wanted.

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Seh HO Mendenhall
Licensed Professional Hair Stylist

Comeback Cool Styling Gel

“Why call it “comeback”? Because the hair does come back! Men (and women) with thinning hair can keep their scalp fully clean and sebum-free. Blood circulation is increased and essential oils increase the blood supply to the follicle. Safe for daily use! Watch it come back!”The amazingly named product from John Amico is named after its amazing features

The amazingly named product from John Amico is named after its amazing features that benefit your hair. The ComeBack Shampoo is the part of an entire therapeutic system to detoxify your hair thoroughly, with gentle effects that remove unwanted bacteria deposits from the scalp. Special soothing agents combine to promote healthy scalp and hair.Hair growth will be stimulated by the ComeBack formula. Get the feel of a pleasant, tingling sensation as you enjoy healthy hair and a rejuvenated scalp.

In your wet hair thoroughly, apply a small amount of Comeback and spread into hair and scalp. Let them remain on hair and scalp 1-3 minutes. After that rinse thoroughly and for best results, you may follow-up with ComeBack Conditioner and feel the difference.

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Seh HO Mendenhall
Licensed Professional Hair Stylist

Hair care for men

“M Men lifestyle
My male customers like me a lot for introducing them to M Men Daily Shampoo and its companion M Men Control Gel. The healing formulation results in stronger hair with a healthy shine. Gel works almost invisibly to control the hair, and never appears greasy.”

The amazing product of John Amico’s M Men Daily Shampoo removes everyday build-up from the hair and restores the natural moisture balance. This healthy formulated combined with rich vitamins A & E and that results to build a stronger hair. This shampoo also contains refreshing Aloe Vera that has the amazingness of giving the hair a healthy shine. Enjoy the fresh, masculine fragrance.

To use this product, take a small amount of shampoo and apply onto the hair and scalp and then rinse. You may repeat it if necessary. You may also try the entire John Amico line of Men’s products for the best results and it has everything if you don’t want to compromise your hair. It includes conditioner, shower Gel, control gel, mega hold gel, hair spray, shave balm and cologne.

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Seh HO Mendenhall
Licensed Professional Hair Stylist