Yenz & Reinout Von Tilborg

"We are from Europe and have been here in the U.S. for 8 years. We have never met such a professional team of members working together to help build their success. We have seen small and large salons alike switch to the Imported Jalyd Organic Haircolor with outstanding results. Clients and Professionals find it lasts longer, is shinier and was easy to switch. We see a lot of professionals upset with diversion and feel like they are held hostage until they learn about John Amico. You too should take control of your future by joining John Amico."

Rhonda Murphy

"I have been a member and educator with John Amico for 12 years and I love sharing my knowledge with others. My clients and staff love these unique products. Today, I have over 1,000 salons in my network who are diversion-free and successfully building their salon business. I have received a check every month for 12 years and it has grown year after year. When I began I had a small salon and now I have a very large day spa. Everyone should take control of their future, join the John Amico family of salon owners & stylists now!"

Sandy Seeley-Copley

"Getting paid by the manufacturer when I buy? Now, that's a new concept! For years and years we have had to buy expensive tickets to shows. Why haven't they paid us to attend since they want us to buy their products? There are no millionaires standing behind the chair. They're in the corporate towers and it's time for them to move out. We can control our destiny. I have helped thousands of stylists and salon owners become financially independent with John Amico. Thanks to John Amico, today I could retire wealthy! Impove your future, join today."


Ginger Harris

"Oh my stars!!! Do I love your (on the scalp) Bleach. I have been crying for the last 10 months...I was afraid I had been reduced to wearing hats and wigs. I randomly called my stylist and she was confident she could help me. When I went in for my initial salon appointment, I had 2" dark roots at the neck, very thin hair on top, brown rows by my center part, spots and blotches. Because of your Bleaching Sand, Shampoo and Conditioner, my hair actually feels like hair again. It's shiny, too! No more hair loss! I just wanted you to know how grateful I am. And, my stylist, Sasha, knows she has a customer for life! Thank you so much for your products. Thank Goodness for John Amico!"


"Casablanca Shampoo is the best stuff I have had, and I mean I have spent a ton on products, but this is the best of the best!"


Posted on John Amico website 01/03/2011


"I give Comeback Shampoo 5 STARS!!! My hair was thinning due to medications that I was prescribed after having a kidney transplant. I went to a salon and the lady who did my hair recommended this shampoo. They did not miss name this product, because the hair does COMEBACK!!!"


Posted on John Amico website 09/26/2010

Carolyn Tanner

"Smoothie Maxx Waxx is the best hair wax I have ever used. It really gives you a lot of control styling your hair and has remarkable hold."


Posted on John Amico website 06/20/2010